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Plans & Pricing 

Below you will find a basic list of our servies and standard prices.

Equine training and rehabilitation is a very unique process, per horse and per case, as such we offer the possibility of tailor made plans taking into consideration

your and your horses needs and goals

 Please feel free to contact us for a quotation or if you have any questions.


Aquatraining is offered per session or as part of a long term rehabilitation both for horses stabled at our facilities (intern) or horse coming over just for the training/treatment (extern).

First session (+/- 20 min) :  35€

Standard Session (+/- 35 min) : 50€

10 sessions: 450€ (advanced payment)

Activo-Med Combo Rug

The activo-med combo rug is offered at a supplement of 5€ and is included free of charge in our Rehabilitation plan. 


In case more frequent or intensive use of the rug is required please contact us for a quotation or short term rental options.


A full body thermography scan is possible at our facilities or location of your choice for 75€  (within 15 min drive from our facilities).

For a follow-up scan or for a scan of up to two specific body parts or area's a fee of 40€ is charged (within 15 min drive from our facilities).

Vita Floor

Use of the Vita Floor is offered per session at 10€ or per 10 Sessions at 85€ and is free in combination with Aquatraining.

For horses stabled at our facilities the use of the  Vita floor is included in all our  Rehabilitation plans (see below.)

Heartrate Measurement

Classic heart rate measurement in stance, followed by lunging or Aquatraining session 

35€ (within 15 min drive from our facilities).

Ridden heart rate measurement of your training session in all three gaits including video tracking and recovery/cool down period- 75€ 

(within 15 min drive from our facilities).

Gait Analysis

A full analysis of your horses gait patterns and movement on a straight line and on the circle in three gaits is charged 50€  (within 15 min drive from our facilities).

If you would like to know what influence/difference there is when your horse is ridden we can also do a ridden gait analysis for and additional 15€ 

Our Rehabilitation Plans 

Abstract Water

Standard Rehabilitation Plan

Our standard rehabilitation plan includes Aquatraining 3 times per week, daily use of the vitafloor, daily use of the activo-med rug and when recommended also includes hand walking and/or stretching.

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