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Dressage - Aquatraining - Rehab  

Young dressage horse

"Horsen" is the old flemish word for horse and "hof" can be translated as yard. The West-Flemish poet Guido Gezelle wrote a famous poem called "Twee Horsen" which describes the incredible beauty and strength of these magnificent animals. It therefor seemed fitting to take inspiration from the poem to name our stables.


Our stables were founded in 2016 and have been home to dressage horses of all types and ages. We have also had mares in foal, jumping horses in flat work training and even a few ponies over the last five years. What originally started as a project to offer retired sport horses a home has now developed into a rehab, training and breeding stable. Our elderly generation however is still present and will always have a home at Horsenhof .

Under our motto " Move to Improve" we aim to provide horses with as many movement possibilities and exercise diversity as possible. The need for complete box rest even after an injury or surgery has been greatly reduced as veterinary medicine has progressed and modernised. The above two reasons have led us to open our very own rehab facility including an equine water treadmill, Vitafloor, massage therapy, physiotherapy, flat work, pole work, etc.


We additionally offer dressage lessons at the location of your choice, training of horses prior to sale, breeding advice, as well as general support for you and your horse long or short term.


To find out more about our activities please use the menu at the top of the page or get in touch.


Annelise Moens


The Horsenhof  Team

calm white stallion
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