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A dressage heritage for the future


In collaboration with friends, who run a very successful dressage yard in Switzerland, we started breeding our own horses. Our breeding line which we call the Marengo line starts with a mare named Sophie (1982).


The first foal was named Marengo, who went on to compete at Prix St-George level and was ridden until the grand age of 26. He is now enjoying his retirement.The second foal, Ross, equally went on to compete at Prix St-George level and at the age of 20 continued to do so, he has now joined is older brother in retirement. The third, fourth and fifth foal were all mares, the eldest of which was a large well built mare. She is a big mover with a kind but wel defined character named Sabrina. It was decided to continue the breeding line for the next generation with her.


Sophie's last foal, Zebedee, was a smaller horse with a lot of character but kind and playful he has now started his  Prix St-George career and is Horsenhof's favourite for riders of all levels and ages.


Sabrina went on to have six foals of her own. The first two became breeding mares the others were sold and successfully compete at medium to prix-st george level.


Out of the sabrina's second daughter, Zenna, four foals were born, two of which are owned by and currently in training at Horsenhof Dressage, Finesse and Roosevelt. The eldest of which is competing at advanced medium level and the youngest has already shown great potential in the 5yo classes.

We hope to continue breeding with two mares out of this line as each and everyone of these horses has been a true pleasure to work with.

For the future we are looking at additionally collaborating with renowned studs from Germany, Denmark and the U.K. to expand and diversify our lines. Our breeding lines are a mix of Dutch and German breeding lines as we find this gives them the athletic capacities with excellent ride-ability for both professionals and ambitious amateurs.


In the video at the bottom of this page you can see some of the horses mentioned in action.

(Video from 2014 -updated video coming soon)

Should you wish to find out more or be interested to know which horses are currently for sale please do not hesitate to contact us.

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