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Equine Water Treadmill 

Any form of rehabilitation usually involves controlled exercise and getting the horses strength up so that they can progress. The water treadmill (or Aquatrainer) provides a safe and effective solution as part of a rehabilitation process but is also great added value for your everyday training. 


The horse enters the treadmill while the tank is empty and the chamber fills quickly with water to a pre-set level, depending on the horse's injury. Fitted with an extra high door for safety, the horse will also have a belt placed in front and behind them while a person will be holding the horse at all times, there to calm and guide horses while the continuous walking of the treadmill helps horses to focus and relax. The horse is not 'swimming' but moving in a natural outline in a low to non-concussive environment. The different depths allow for varying degrees of support/resistance and movement. The treadmill is set to the desired speed in function of the horse and the desired workout or goal.


The buoyancy of the water reduces weight bearing stress on the joints and soft tissue structures, allowing an increased range of motion, while at the same time the high resistance (12 times more resistance than air) leads to increased muscle activity and enhances neuromuscular control. Hydrostatic pressure helps to reduce oedema (swelling), decrease pain and promote circulation. The cold water is particularly useful in reducing swelling and decreasing inflammation. When water levels are high, horses demonstrate an increased stride length and decreased stride frequency, which leads to increased back extension and flexion, helping to build up back muscles.

The water treadmill is a highly effective full body workout, naturally improving respiration and the benefits will be seen with an improved joint flexion, increased stride length and suppleness through the back, helping the topline. Muscle tone, stamina and strength improve considerably and the horses really enjoy their sessions.


This type of therapy is ideal for:

  • Tendon and suspensory ligaments

  • Degenerative joint disease - increase joint flexion

  • Fitness with reduced concussion on joints/bone structures

  • Kissing spine - increase gap between dorsal spine processes

  • Sore back, weak hind quarters or shoulders

  • Stifle weakness or soreness

  • Re-educate muscles

  • Core muscles, strengthening and suppleness

To summarize Equine Water Treadmills are a great way to enhance suppleness, stride length, increase cardiovascular fitness and help build muscle tone and top line, core strength, coordination and overall wellbeing and fitness. They give the horse a highly effective full body workout and are the safest and most efficient controlled form of exercise.

For more information or to discuss your horses training or rehabilitation programme please do not hesitate to contact us.

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