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About Us

"Team work makes the dream work"

Annelise Moens

Owner and founder of Horsenhof

My story or history is almost as complex as the horses I fell in love with at age 14. While my equestrian career may have started at a later age than most, I have certainly made up for lost time since. I very quickly became completely addicted to horses and decided to specialise in Dressage as a sport and study veterinary/equine sciences. Along my path I have picked up experience in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK to finally settle and make my dream a reality in Belgium.

I have been very fortunate to be able to gain both theoretical and practical experience from some very professional and nice people who's passion to share their knowledge is possibly greater than the passion for the horses themselves. One by one they have contributed to who I am today, to the experience I now have and to the desire for both sharing and gaining knowledge about these amazing animals. 

As owner and founder of Horsenhof it is of course my role to provide the very best services  for the horses in my care and their owners. As such I am the liaison person between owner, vet, fysio, farrier, etc. and together as a team we look at the horse as a whole and come up with a bespoke treatment, rehab and training plan.

Owner with horse


  • Veterinary/ Equine sciences

  • Equine Thermography

  • Vetkin Taping (MTC)

  • Animal Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation 

  • Equine Athletics

Currently studying:

  • Equine Myofascial Therapy

Continued Professional Development:

  • Equine Sports Science and Biomechanics 

  • Kissing Spines: Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehab

  • A Strong, Healthy Back: The Foundation of a

  • Successful Sport Horse

Meet The Rest of the Team

Veerle De Meyer

Saddlefitter consultant

As a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant®, Veerle will look for the best fitting saddle for you and your horse. Poorly fitting saddles can cause problems for both horse and rider and sometimes undesirable behavior or compensations and overload.

In the context of a healthy horse, healthy athlete and harmonious cooperation between horse and rider, it is very important to check that the saddle fits properly.

Veerle offers independent advice regardless of breed, discipline or saddle brand.

More info at:

Anne De Bels
Veerle de Meyer

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