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vitafloor vibration theraphy

The Vitafloor vibration plate is a versatile training device for horses.

It helps to improve blood circulation, stimulates muscles and prevents and heals injuries.


Research shows that both rehabilitation time  and the risk of re-injury is reduced by regular use of the vitafloor.


What are the advantages of the Vitafloor?


- Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

- Increased bone density and positive effect against osteoporosis (bone fragility)

- Greater joint mobility, agility and flexibility with increased muscle strength and tone.

- Can be used as a warm up or cool down

- Decreases the level of cortisol (stress hormone)

- Less muscle stiffness and acidity and a faster recovery after strenuous exercise.

- Improved gait, stride length, coordination and reaction speed with more elasticity and flexibility in movement.

- Stronger and more flexible back due to growth of and more symmetry in the deep back muscles.

- Injury risk is greatly reduced.

- faster healing of tendon and ligament injuries with improved tissue quality.


The Vitafloor can be used for the following ailments and conditions:


- Back (muscle) problems, muscle atrophy

- Hoof problems, hoof diseases, laminitis

- Painful joints, Osteoarthritis

- Tying-up, muscle tightness, PSSM

- Maintain muscle and condition during a training break or a period of box rest

- Relieves the discomforts of Lyme and Cushing's disease (including easier shedding)

- Age-related ailments such as stable legs, stiffness, muscle atrophy

- Digestive problems

- Helps with weight loss.

If you would like to read some of the research done please visit: 

For rehabilitation purposes, specifically in the early stages, it is advised to use the Vitafloor twice daily for 30minutes. Horses generally get used to the sensation fairly quickly and will in fact enjoy it. Depending on the horse and the injury however it is possible to do more frequent but shorter sessions or to gradually build up the time and intensity.

A combination of the Vitafloor and one of our other services such as the equine water treadmill is of course possible and in some cases recommended. We of course always aim to provide a customised service for each horse/client  and we can therefore adapt the treatment programmes in function of your time, budget, and preferences.  To find out more or discuss your horses needs please do not heistate to contact us.

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